Spotted Duck Creamery



About Us

Churning ice-cream is a Hoover family tradition.

Starting when he was knee-high, Daniel learned the trade from his father.Now, teamed up with his wife Elizabeth, a long-term ice-cream addict, the Hoover family has taken ice-cream gourmet. First of all, ice-cream wasn't good enough, frozen custard was their bit. They both grew up on organic farms, so local and organic ingredients were a must. Along the same thought, nasty things like corn syrup and artificial flavors and colors were permanently banned.

Then came the pivotal moment in history. The egg. They started with chicken, but decided to try duck and it blew everyone's minds and tastebuds! They started their own flock and never looked back. Now their Ancona ducks are the stars of the show and are responsible for the best tasting, local frozen custard that can be found.

Spotted Duck. It's all about the Ducks!