Kemmeter Winery

About Us

At Kemmeter Wines, we view our wines and the grapes from which they are made as gifts from nature. We take the time to allow the fruit to fully express its personality in the purest form possible.

As our guests, we invite you to explore with us the joys, challenges and rewards of making wine. We aim to give you a great experience and hope your visit here will be only the first of many.

The family crest, which appears on our labels, was bestowed in 1438 by the Emperor Albrecht II, who ruled over Frankonia, Germany.

The 2 stars symbolize the fortune of this family while the wing of the eagle in red and black sitting atop on the crowned helmet reflects the rise and the strength of the family.

The family's estate was known by this name for generations until 1936, when it was changed to commemorate the union between the Kemmeter and Reinhardt families.