The Beauty of Yates County Zoom Backgrounds

For the last couple months many of us have used Zoom for meetings, conference calls and chatting with families and friends, which has been a great tool for us to communicate and connect. As the weather begins to warm up and surroundings are blooming and becoming greener - we are reminded of how beautiful it is. In Yates County, we're certainly not short of beautiful views, bucolic scenery and photo-worthy shots that brighten our day.

Simply follow these steps to add a fun and scenic background to your next Zoom call:
1. Find a medium to dark solid color background that is not the same color as your shirt. Be sure you're in a well lit area or room.
2. Save an image(s) to your computer.
3. Open Zoom
4. On the lower left side of the screen, click on the up arrow beside "stop video" and select "Choose a Virtual Background"
5. Click + Add Image and upload your background
6. If your picture is a little hard to make out, you may need to move to a more well lit area.

Here are some Zoom backgrounds you can download and use: