Find Your Voice and Unravel Your Stories at the Rochester Folk Art Guild's Craft Weekend ''Writing fo

Find Your Voice and Unravel Your Stories at the Rochester Folk Art Guild's Craft Weekend "Writing for Reflection & Transformation" Workshop   August 8-11
MIDDLESEX, NY — There's still time to claim your spot in a unique writing experience unlike any other! The Rochester Folk Art Guild's upcoming Writing for Reflection & Transformation workshop (Aug 8-11, 2024), led by husband-and-wife team Curt and Nani Nehring Bliss, promises to be a transformative journey of self-discovery.  The Guild's annual Craft Weekend provides a wide choice of creative classes.
Curt and Nani, with over 50 years of combined experience, aren't your typical instructors. They themselves found inspiration on the very grounds of the Guild, purchasing land nearby after attending a meeting two decades ago. Their approach, much like their lives, defies labels.
"We use story to make our world a little more meaningful and magical," says Curt. This workshop is about exploration, not expectation. "We're not about trying to write well," he clarifies, "but about deepening your authentic voice, discovering it, honing it."
This isn't about crafting a perfect product, but about the process of self-discovery. "What we really have to offer starts Thursday afternoon," explains Curt, hinting at the carefully crafted arc of the four-day program.
Here, you'll delve into the mysteries of language, using writing prompts, shared experiences, and quiet contemplation to unearth the stories hidden within. "Memory is always problematic," Nani reminds us, "so we'll be writing from observation, memory and imagination."
This workshop is perfect for those seeking a turning point, a chance to "leave your regular life behind," as Nani puts it. Imagine a collaborative retreat, a space brimming with creative energy where you can "see what's there as opposed to telling a story you already think you know."
Forget the pressure of crafting a polished piece. This is about "writing for discovery and making yourself legible to yourself," Nani explains. "We operate under a liberation ethos," adds Curt, "liberation from what you think writing is, what it needs to be, what your story is."
The workshop is one offering among several craft classes during the Folk Art Guild's annual Craft Weekend, an atmosphere that Curt and Nani relish for the creative synergy that comes from many people engaged in varied craft in the same place. There are also still spaces available in the workshops focused on using natural, foraged materials for basket-weaving, photography and the art of seeing, and eco-printing—an artistic form of fabric-dying using all natural materials.
Intrigued? There are still a few spots available! Don't miss this opportunity to reconnect with yourself and explore the power of writing in a supportive and inspiring environment.
For more information and registration, visit the Rochester Folk Art Guild Craft Weekend website: