Worthog Cidery

About Us

Take the crisp taste of an apple, press it, let it ferment a while and nature gives us Apple Cider the way nature wanted it to be!! Cool, crisp, refreshing and perfect any way – over ice in the summer, warmed in the winter and straight in the Spring and Fall.

Lighter than wine when its ready, we lightly carbonate it to complete the finish.

Our cidery uses a very special blend (our “secret recipe” so to speak) of New York Apples to bring the increasingly famous WortHog Cidery brand to you.

As if a wonderful fermented beverage couldn’t get better, our Cidery took the next step and instead of adding flavor, we turned to our sister winery Earle Estates Fruit and Specialty Wines and began blending an assortment of fruit wines to complement the crisp apple taste with cherry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry wine. Then, just for fun, decided to step it up with cinnamon and nutmeg to create our Famous Big Jakes Spiced Hard Cider – just so you can taste what it would be like to drink an apple pie!