Verasions at Glenora



About Us

With menus that change with the seasons, the Veraisons team consistently factors in quality, sustainability, food-miles, and flavor into his cuisine. Where the food comes from, the farmers, and the environment that creates it are of utmost importance.

Veraisons is a from-scratch kitchen; one in which the details matter. All of our meats, produce, and cheese come from local farms and our fish is sustainably sourced. We pickle, preserve, and put away local fruits and vegetables for the coming months, as well as make our own condiments, sauces, and dressings. Our bread is sourced from several local bakers and our desserts are designed and made in-house, including pastries and custards.

Finally, attention is paid in full to dietary restrictions and food allergies, with permanent spots for vegan and gluten-free dishes on our menus at all times for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert.

We proudly source ingredients from over 30 farms in the Finger Lakes and throughout New York state. Meet our Farmers