Sweet Farm Foundation



About Us

Welcome to Sweet Farm, the first non-profit sanctuary in the world to address the global climate impacts of factory farming across animals, the plants, and the planet. We’re a regenerative farm and climate sanctuary opening to the public in Penn Yan in July.

Sweet Farm has a unique approach to farming–blending start-up tech innovation and regenerative farming with consumer education around food systems–along with 150 rescued ‘Animal Ambassadors’ in residence to connect with visitors. We’re a climate solutions lab disguised as a farm! We recently moved across the country from California to New York, and public tours at our new farm open on July 16th! Come visit us to learn more about the work we’re doing - we can’t wait to show you around!


Paco the Llama
Beautiful Cows overlooking Seneca Lake
Bruno the Goat
Owners Anna and Nate
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