Roto Salt Inc



About Us

From running a dairy operation to raising horses, cattle, and mink, RotoSalt understands how important it is to have affordable, quality salt available in an easy-to-deliver product. Since 1906, RotoSalt has provided high quality agricultural salt products to farmers, ranchers and feed distributors throughout the United States. Pressed into weather resistant 4 lb. bricks or 3 oz. spools for free choice feeding, RotoSalt’s family of products offers the optimal blend of evaporated salt and minerals essential to the health of large and small animals.

Whether you choose our plain salt and red trace mineral bricks and spools, or our more specialized selenium, iodized and apple products, you can feel confident knowing RotoSalt adheres to the strictest health and feed safety standards. We are committed to ease of delivery, too. Our rust-proof aluminum brick holders and brass spool holders make it easy to affix a brick to a stanchion or stable post, or place a salt spool in a small animal’s cage for free choice feeding. With RotoSalt, it’s safe and convenient to give your animals the salt and minerals they need for a healthy diet.

At RotoSalt they understand that you may need something a little different than their standard products and services. They can mix and press custom flavors, scents and mineral content into their bricks and spools, and provide custom labeling and packaging on bricks or boxes. If you have been thinking about a new flavor or mineral combination, or want your salt products to reflect your unique brand identity, simply give us a call.