Hunt Country Vineyards



About Us

Farming for seven generations and crafting wine since 1981, the Hunts are one of the founding families of the Finger Lakes wine region in NY. Our Rieslings and Rosés have received multiple 90+ scores from major wine publications and praise from industry critics, and we recently released our Uncharted Terroir wines made from regionally-adapted, climate-resilient grape varieties. We continue to be a family-run winery focused on managing our vineyards and business as part of a complete and healthy ecosystem. We produce the majority of our electricity with 348 solar panels, heat and cool with an award-winning geothermal system, provide EV charging stations to customers, focus on soil carbon sequestration and sustainable vineyard practices, and have certified some sections of the farm and vineyards organic. Hunt Country Vineyards is a member of the International Wineries for Climate Action, and received the 2020 Sustainability Award from the NY Wine & Grape Foundation.